Hello World, I'm Allen

Hello World, I'm Allen

I'm a Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager with over 12 years of experience leading teams in developing web applications, e-commerce platforms, and software solutions across diverse industries. Proven technical expertise in .NET and React Native development frameworks, SQL Server and MySQL database architectures. Skilled delivering complex projects from concept to deployment while working directly with clients and team members in a remote setting.


C# ASP.NET JavaScript TypeScript jQuery Node.js PHP VB SQL Server MySQL HTML/CSS React React Native Expo Git Azure Windows Server IIS Visual Studio Unit Testing xUnit NUnit Integration Testing Selenium MkDocs OOP Full-Stack Network Communications Team Player
It'sa Me

Personal Projects

Most of my personal projects were created as a way to learn new skills that i can put to use professionally.

  • http://agp86.com/qa.php - This is a page that I created and use for work where I can verify that html rendered in website updates on our staging site are correct before moving them to production. It also compares page load speed to make sure our updates are not going to degrade performance.
  • http://agp86.com/nfldraftsimulator/ - I built my own NFL Draft Simulator. It currently has the 2024 draft class, I'll update it to 2025 early next year. This is a Next.js application.
  • http://www.bellevuebc.com/ - My church's website that I built in Wordpress
  • https://www.amblegrove.com/ - Amble Grove is the name of my dream homestead that I'm working towards acquiring one day. The first version of this site was built to keep track of my vegetable growth in my backyard. It has a React front end with a Node.js backend.
  • http://agp86.com/SpellingBee/ - I was working with a buddy to re-create the New York Times spelling bee. The plan was to turn this into an API. This is currently a single PHP page. It's been a pain to trim down this data table of words to commonly used words.
  • http://agp86.com/FictionalFootballWiki/ - I started a wiki to list football movies and shows and every fictional football player in them. This is an MkDocs site.